EE Systems Group EE850W-SH30 30W Superior Powered Solar Hybrid LED Path Street Parking Smart Sensing Lights Lamp

EE Systems Group EE850W-SH30 30W Superior Powered Solar Hybrid LED Path Street Parking Smart Sensing Lights Lamp
Item #: ESMG012
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Manufacturer Part #: EE850W-SHRC30
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Size: 39 x 21 x 11 in.
Lights & Lamps Power Source: Solar
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Next Generation Solar Powered High Powerful Lighting Technology, Designed and Built for most Commercial Buildings, Farm, Park and large size Residential lighting with wide range applications - Can be used as new installations or replacement of outdated AC powered lights as well as low tech solar lights. Its innovative Smart lighting profiles offer unlimited true Dusk-to-Dawn all night lighting capability. It offers flexibility with auto compensation for critical weather and variations of geographic locations and operating conditions. eLEDing Smart solar lights present a significant improvement above current solar lighting performance under Smart management IPM system. It provides unique SMART and ePIR sensing illuminating profile: Fixed Max Brightness after dusk for hours then automatically Dimming with soft-glow illumination as saving mode; it lights up to Maximum brightness when ePIR is activated after midnight. A highly reliable and compact eLEDing unit designed and engineered as outdoor Off-Gried Pure-Green lighting systems.

  • eLEDing innovative 100% Off-Grid solar power management technology lights up with SMART mode in illuminating profiles
  • Built-in Intelligent Power Management to automatically compensate for different weather conditions of the world most sunlight coverage geography
  • True Dusk to Dawn feature, and able to light up to 3-4 in cloudy days illuminating time under IPM
  • Invented Patented Technology, Designed, Developed, Engineered and QC'd in USA
Intelligent Power Management
  • Charge and Discharge Battery Efficiently under Automatic Protection Control
  • Automatic Battery Capacity and Power Source Monitoring
  • On-Board ePIR Motion Detector Provides Dusk to Down Illumination All Night Long
  • Most Reliable Lithium-Based Polymer Battery in use
  • Super Bright LED eMitter Illuminator
  • Solar Power or AC power source Lighting with Dusk to Dawn & Dimming Controllability
  • Smart ON built with Motion Activated Profiles or Dimming mode
  • Outstanding Illumination Coverage
  • As Bright as 3000, 4000, 5000 and 6000 Lumens Illumination
  • High quality made components with extend ultra long operating life cycles: Super LED eMitter, Li-battery, Tempered Glass solar panel and casting Aluminum alloy light fixture built for outdoor applications with IP65
  • Industrial Grade Self-Contained Design And Made IP65: Yes
  • LED Number: 1 Pieces
  • LED EMitter Output Max On Peak: 30W
  • Illumination Brightness: 3000+
  • LED Illumination Color: 5000K
  • Included Energy Storage Packs Li-Poly Battery Pack: 325WH
  • Intelligent Power Management IPM Capable: Yes
  • Solar Panel: 60W
  • Mono-Crystalline Tempered Glass: 50W
  • Light Size: 37 x 17.5 in.
  • Aux Solar Panel/DC Adapter: Option
  • Mounting Tube Adapter: Yes
  • Charging Time: 6-8hrs
  • Operation Temperature- 4°F to +125°F: Yes
  • Complies with FCC Part 15 Class B and ICES-003: 2004: Yes
  • Dimension: 39 x 21 x 11 in.
  • Residential, Commercial, Public, Industry - Apply as retrofit replacement system or new installation can be for most existing illumination of Street. Parking Lots, Bus Stations, Open Field, Play Yard, Loading Area, Construction Site and Office Trailer etc. Secure your premises during the nighttime or also use as an enhancement for CCTV/Video camera surveillance systems, and Security and Safety enhancement